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Deep Thoughts by Uncle George

My uncle called tonight.  I learned a little bit more about him, and he awed me with his deep thoughts. My mom always says that he’s one of the smartest people she knows.  He’s incredibly intelligent….and as such I guess … Continue reading

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Random Discovery Conversation of the Day

Me: You know what I discovered today? A: What? Me: If you use lotion on a regular basis, your skin is soft….and not dry. A: *stares at me with look of disbelief* Me: *nods* A: You just now discovered this? … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Write a scene that involves an avocado that isn’t ripe.

“Scott, what are you doing for lunch?  You want to go and get a steak and ale pie with me?” Tierney asked her flat mate and coworker. “No thanks.  I have a salad that I brought today and an avocado, … Continue reading

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My Nemesis

I walked in to workout with my trainer, Monique, eager to see what she had planned for us. My stomach plummeted when I saw what she had us doing first (since she was going to work out with me). My … Continue reading

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Struggling to Post

I’ve been attempting to write about my recent trip to Europe, and for some reason it’s like pulling teeth. I can’t seem to get it down in the correct words and in the way that I want to say it. … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt – Seasonal Scents

Summer.  While fall and winter are my favorite seasons, positive memories come from summer as well.  Up until I turned 15 I spent most of every summer with my grandparents in Minnesota.  I distinctly remember the smell of freshly cut … Continue reading

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Overheard at a Wedding

I went to a wedding very recently, and as always, the wedding party speeches were terrific.  Funny, yet sentimental, with laughs and tears.  Today’s blog is a recap of one of the speeches I witnessed while eating my dinner and … Continue reading

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