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I Know You’re Mad at United but… (Thoughts from a Pilot Wife About Flight 3411)

A very important read written by a pilot’s wife and then posted to facebook by another pilot’s wife (whom I’ve just happened to know for 30 years and who is also married to my former flight instructor – now an … Continue reading

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Celebrity Chef “Simply Nigella” Chooses KC for Christmas Special

Source: Celebrity Chef “Simply Nigella” Chooses KC for Christmas Special

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Guilt and Regret: Lessons in Death

A week ago yesterday morning I received news that my mom’s brother, Uncle George, had passed away two days prior, on Sunday, finally succumbing to his liver cancer.  I’ve written about Uncle George before.  He lived life fast and hard in … Continue reading

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THiddy does Hank Williams??

The first official trailer for I Saw the Light, the biopic starring Tom Hiddleston as the iconic Hank Williams, dropped today (see below).  After watching it, I remembered the following post that I started writing over a year ago but … Continue reading

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Europe Trip 2014 – Paris – In Memoriam

This evening, I’ve been looking through my draft blog posts from my 2014 Europe trip.  I have been horribly lax in getting the blog posts from that trip to Europe in the fall of 2014 written and posted, and I have just … Continue reading

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Today’s Serving/Bartending PSA

To the partial baseball team that couldn’t be bothered to leave me even a 10% tip today….even though you evidently didn’t deserve it, I’m glad  that I was able to keep your drinks full. I’m glad that I was able … Continue reading

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10 Day Water Challenge – Days 1 Through 5 – Half Way There!

Five days ago I blogged and said that I would try and make a blog entry for each day of my 10 Day Water Challenge.  Well today is the end of Day 5 and it’s the first time I’ve gotten to … Continue reading

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10 Day Water Challenge

After a weekend full of dinner and drinks and a concert on Saturday and more food and tons of wine at a bridal shower on Sunday, Monday is both a good and bad day to start my 10 day water … Continue reading

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My European Adventure Day 1 – Goodbye USA

Friday 19 September 2014 I woke up this morning at 5:30 in order to meet up with my trainer for a work out at 6:45 before doing last-minute shopping for kitty litter (so Tank would have a clean box while … Continue reading

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I have been feeling rather reflective lately, and as such I’ve come to realize that as people, as humans, we need to be open to learning from others, to listening to others’ experiences.  Everyone has something to share, whether they … Continue reading

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