10 Day Water Challenge – Days 1 Through 5 – Half Way There!

Five days ago I blogged and said that I would try and make a blog entry for each day of my 10 Day Water Challenge.  Well today is the end of Day 5 and it’s the first time I’ve gotten to my laptop all week.  I was unaware that I would be working three of the last four nights at my second job (the one that I have gone back to and kept in order to feed my travel bug). So apologies and I beg your forgiveness.

#H2Only Days 1 and 2

Exhaustion reigned supreme on Monday and Tuesday.  It was the first time in ages without caffeine, and I was made immediately aware of just how much upon it I depend.  I was extremely drowsy all day at work with my coworkers asking if I was alright. On Tuesday I almost fell asleep at my desk.  While I didn’t have a raging caffeine headache, I did have a slight headache that went away with some pain reliever (and it wasn’t even the pain reliever containing caffeine).

Monday was an especially long day between the full time day desk job and the part time evening serving/bartending job.  I had the hardest time concentrating on my work during the day, and by the time I got to my evening shift, I was mentally drained.  The lack of caffeine not only affected my energy, but it almost felt like it was affecting my personality.  It was harder than usual to interact with my guests.

On Tuesday I had the evening off but ended up falling asleep in a chair on the screened in back porch at 8pm while attempting to read.

The other thing I noticed was that while I was craving coffee intensely (and not diet soda, which surprised me), I was NOT craving sugar.  That’s a HUGE thing for me as I truly believe I have a raging sugar addiction.

#H2Only Day 3

Wednesday during the day job I was much less exhausted and my headache was minimal.  I had my first real challenge this day in the shape of a post work happy hour.  I had checked my schedule and didn’t work the second job that night.  So I went to the bar down the street from the office, trying to decide what to do when it came time to order a drink. In the end, I had a glass of water while the “boys” had long island ice teas and beers.

The day was yet another lesson in brain fog as at around 5:35 I received a text from my manager on duty at the restaurant asking where I was.  It appears that I WAS scheduled to work after all.  Sure enough, I was scheduled even though I swore I wasn’t when I’d looked at the schedule.  That night on the floor I had the hardest time remembering the simplest of things.  While reaching to take empty plates from tables, I continuously said, “I’ll take those boxes,” while meaning to say plates.  I went to take something to a table and realized that I had turned the wrong way and headed to completely different table.  I rang food in incorrectly once and rang in a duplicate order as well (which I then paid for and took home).

I found that I was also incredibly cranky.  It could partly have had to do with the fact that my plans were squashed upon going to work.  Or it could have been the fact that the restaurant’s air conditioners just couldn’t keep up with the heat outside, making it feel like a sweatbox to those of us moving around.  My coworkers will mostly say that I am a pretty easy going, laid back person.  Wednesday night, everything irritated me, and I was not my normal self.

#H2Only Day 4

Thursday there was no headache, but the brain fog continued.  I woke up early and walked a little under a mile and a half to the gym, did a biceps and back work out, and then ran a little over a mile home.  After showering and eating, it was when I was almost to work that I realized I had NOT brushed my teeth.  Something that comes as second nature, part of the normal routine that in ingrained in one’s mind, and here I had forgotten to BRUSH MY TEETH!  How does that happen?  It definitely took longer to do the usual things.  Concentration and focus were in high demand and found wanting.

#H2Only Day 5

So we are finally to Friday,.  My concentration was still a little off today, but it was a definite improvement over just two days ago.   And instead of going out with a group to the bars in Westport, MO to celebrate a birthday, I’m here typing my blog.  The group I was to go out with tonight “encouraged” me to come out and have a drink to celebrate the birthday and start my 10 days over again tomorrow.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. And while I really would LOVE to be out with them tonight, dancing and having a great time, I know that the temptation to drink something other than water would be too strong. It reminds me a lot of doughnuts.  I love them, and I know they taste good, but they are in my best interest.  I’m too determined to see this through than to go out and have a good time and some drinks and throw in the towel.

I was considering tonight just how I would proceed once these 10 days are over.  I know that I will drink wine and beer again, however in moderation.  My big concern is the coffee and caffeine.  Do I throw it all out the window and get myself completely addicted to caffeine again?  Or do I just allow myself a set amount of coffee per day?  CAN I even do that?  Things to ponder over the next 5 days.


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1 Response to 10 Day Water Challenge – Days 1 Through 5 – Half Way There!

  1. Servetus says:

    An interesting read. I have struggled with the coffee thing over the years and I’m in a good place now, I think because (a) I regularly get enough sleep, so concentration isn’t a colossal problem and (b) I’m too lazy to make coffee and it’s inconvenient to obtain it on my way to work or in the course of my work day. If I am really having a problem I have a single Coke from the vending machine and I am okay with that pattern.

    It’s always been clear to me that one should stay away from sugar, but I’ve been neutral on coffee/caffeine. Coffee itself (w/o sugar, milk, etc.) has some good stuff in it. Is your goal to eliminate these things completely?

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