Week 2 – Well Overdue and Then Some

Well week 2 was a  success.


Wednesday we had a food day (yet another birthday) for which I forgot to bring anything.  Someone walked in with adorable cupcakes, dill dip in a pumpernickel bread bowl (an old weakness) and a delicious smelling box of assorted donuts – my serious addiction and life’s desire (other than Tom Hiddleston  ha!)


I’m proud to announce that I succeeded in avoiding the “food office”.  No cheese and cracker, not a lick of the cupcake icing (can you imagine having to eat the cupcake after I licked it?) and no eating of donuts.  I did stop in numerous times during the day to “smell the donuts” so to speak.  And man did they smell terrific!


Week 2 was successful in that another 4 lbs was lost however some of my measurements were not what my trainer wanted to see.


I was given back one carb (sweet potato) and a fruit (apple with peanut butter) as well as one cheat meal a week.


My first cheat meal consisted of a trip to Jose Pepper’s  for some chips and salsa (we didn’t get any of the espinaca cheese dip), 2 Diet Dr Pepper’s (which tasted AMAZING) and a fish taco with some black beans, a bit of mexican rice and the “goo” which is the sweet, gingery, corn masa mix that they serve on the side with most of their meals that I love.


The following Tuesday we had a team building bowling afternoon at Z Strike in the lovely Power and Light entertainment district in downtown Kansas City.  It was a challenge.   I had my first beer in over a month.  I opted for the Bud Light – it was free and less fattening than my standard Boulevard Wheat or Guinness.  And damn was it delicious!

Boulevard Wheat

I had brought my own celery and even ate the celery that came with the boneless buffalo wings….of which I did have just one.  But in the end I had a couple of pieces of pita and some tortilla chips along with some spinach artichoke dip.  This, the addition of fruit and a carb, my first cheat meal and absolutely no workout being done that week, is what I think led to a small gain at the end of week 3.


While I gained, I still lost some inches here and there.  This is just more proof that I need to incorporate exercise on a regular basis as well as work on what I’m eating.


After weigh-in last week all I could go was get back on the horse.  I was going to skip this last weekend’s cheat meal all together, but in the end I had a salad at Applebee’s (just the spinach, strawberries and chicken with a tiny bit of dressing) and 1 3/4 pretzel bread sticks.  It could have been much worse.


I end this post at 10:40 on a Wednesday night so I can get enough sleep and have absolutely no excuse to not be out of bed at 5:15 to go for a long overdue run.  No excuses whatsoever.  My body needs the exercise and I think I need some “road time” to myself while the majority of the neighborhood still slumbers.
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