Daily Prompt – Seasonal Scents

Summer.  While fall and winter are my favorite seasons, positive memories come from summer as well.  Up until I turned 15 I spent most of every summer with my grandparents in Minnesota.  I distinctly remember the smell of freshly cut grass, usually mown by Grandpa’s riding mower with either my younger brother or much younger cousin riding on his lap, and sometimes mowing it themselves.

On exceptionally hot days I am reminded of coconut scented sunscreen from lying out in the sun on the sidewalk with my step-sisters (back when we were too young to worry about skin cancer) and the smell of chlorine at the city pool in North Dakota where I would spend most of my days when visiting my father.

Back in Kansas City, it’s the smell of barbecue – smoking meat, charcoal in a backyard grill, and the sulfur-like smell of “snakes” and spent firecrackers.

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