I have neglected this poor, lonely blog, yet again.  I’m not sure why.  I know that I NEED to write…..even when I don’t want to.  So why am I not writing?  Why do I wait till I WANT to write?  And then why do I wonder, when I struggle to get things out of my head and down on paper (or in a word document), why I’m having such a tough time writing?  I have one word for myself…… DUH!!!

Writing, like almost anything including playing an instrument or speaking another language, take practice.  And if I don’t practice, how the hell do I expect to actually be able to do it?  I took Russian for 5 years.  I haven’t used it in 15.  So why do I not wonder why my skill at Russian has deteriorated, yet I wonder why my ability to write has?

Not very logical, eh?  hmmm….

headdesk gif photo: Head desk HeadDesk.gif

gif used courtesy of photbucket.com

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2 Responses to

  1. philip says:

    just keep up the practice you’ll get better

  2. Servetus says:

    it’s true that it’s something like jogging must be (I wouldn’t know, I don’t jog), but I trust that you will make the space to do this!

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