My Brain is Tired and Other Randomness

I haven’t written in well over….how long now….about 11 days or so.  I want to say it is just life getting in the way – work, social activities, trying to get to the laptop before Sparky needs to use it for his homework (the beauty of being married to a non-trad student).

I have 20-some days of my writing Richard Armitage 30 Day Challenge to complete and instead of focusing on the current day, I am looking far forward and feeling rather intimidated by some of the topics.  I have story ideas roaming around in my mind, yet every time I sit down to put the onto paper (or virtual paper as it may be), nothing will flow.  I want to write, but nothing will come.

I have The Sunne in Splendour to read as well as some daily Bible reading for a small group from church.  Yet I’m struggling to do these things as well.  Evidently I need to find a way to organize my priorities and my thoughts.  I’m hoping that this wee bit of late night writing will help jumpstart something more.

Off to bed so I can try again tomorrow.

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2 Responses to My Brain is Tired and Other Randomness

  1. Herba says:

    Sounds familiar to me 😦
    I hope you’ll get your creativity back soon!

  2. Servetus says:

    I struggle with a similar problem, I think — the more stuff on the list, the easier it is not to do it. Hang in there! Have you thought that you don’t need to do the Armitage challenge in order? Pick an easy one first 🙂 My suggestion would be to start with something short and rewarding so that when it’s done you have a sense of accomplishment.

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