How Things Change in Just a Year!

BBC America has for at least the last 2 years (not sure if they did it prior to 2011 or not) asked viewers to vote in their Anglo Fan Favorites contest.  I only voted in the men’s competition the last two years (I understand there is one with regard to British women as well….oops…didn’t participate).  The voting starts with a field of 32 and is whittled down to one final winner.

I find that whom they pit against each other is interesting and lends to a not so easy decision.  Colin Firth vs Sean BeanRupert Grint vs Daniel Radcliffe?  (Was it planned to put the young pups against each other?)  Hugh Laurie vs Martin Freeman – which was VERY close by the way.  Alan Rickman vs Liam Neeson.

Difficult decisions to make indeed!  The 2011 tournament for me was ALL about Alan Rickman.  I ADORE him and have ever since I first saw him in Sense & Sensibility.  I found his portrayal of Severus Snape to actually be rather sexy in a strange way.  Some close friends will forever tease me about this, not quite understanding what it is that I see in Mr. Rickman.  And while he IS old enough to be my father, the voice, the talent….sorry I think the man is hot and incredibly sexy.  In the end Alan Rickman was the Anglo Fan Favorite Champion of 2011 (so I am NOT the only one that thinks the man is amazing).

However, looking back at the quarterfinal, I have to laugh:

Richard Armitage vs. Alan Rickman

Richard Armitage has set himself up as the man to beat here, but Alan Rickman is a dark horse, having stared down strong competitors (Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson) with his trademark sinister look. Is the Armitage Army packing enough reinforcements to conquer the Rickmaniacs?

REALLY???  LOL!  I remember thinking, who the heck is this Armitage guy with the Army?  I had never seen Spooks (MI-5 here in the States), had maybe seen an ad or two for Robin Hood, and definitely had not stumbled across North and South yet.  I didn’t even think he was remotely attractive.  How things change in just a year.

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7 Responses to How Things Change in Just a Year!

  1. zan says:

    Indeed! A year ago I didn’t know of Mr A. The stumble and fall was fast and furious for me. I think I’m still catching my breath. 😉

  2. Servetus says:

    Yeah, what a year indeed! That poll was actually the thing that stopped me from linking to polls about Armitage anymore — it was majorly interfered with by fans on both sides, it seems, who weren’t satisfied with voting just once but wrote software to circumvent it. But it was exciting to thing that so many people were as familiar with Armitage as were with Rickman … and of course, now they will be.

    • triski says:

      Wow…writing software? Sheesh. Some people need to get out more. I was looking at some of the comments today that had been left and it was getting heated (like it seems to a lot for some reason). But yes, I found it funny that a year after having no clue who the guy was I am now in way toooo deep.

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  4. Hi Triski!
    I know what you mean about the bizarreness of these best Brit polls. And what a 2 years Richard Armitage has had!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  5. agzym says:

    I agree that Alan Rickman is sex on legs! He’s my (not so) secret older bloke crush! Having said that, Richard’ll get my vote each and every time.
    Regarding the poll, I remember last year some members of the RArmy on Tumblr voted so often they were actually given a time-out 😉

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